This site is here to represent the broader body of my work accumulated over my 16+ years at Warner Music Group and beyond, rather than to suggest that my entire career was defined by just a few key moments or projects. 
Throughout my years in design and creative work, I've taken on a wide variety of projects and collaborated with numerous people. It's the representation of the bigger picture that resonates with me. I've dedicated myself to nurturing creative talents while bringing efficiency and effective management to the table, fostering collaboration and shared success for the entire team. As a creative manager and art director, I draw on my years of experience in marketing, graphic design and project management to guide and create the overall vision or assist others in finding theirs. Cultivating designers, helping them advance in their own paths, has been both a pleasure and an honor.
Entering this field was made possible with the help of many, and my dedication to learning and giving my best has been unwavering. Providing support for designers now is not only rewarding, but also my way of giving back.
Originally from San Diego, my life has taken me through major cities such as Los Angeles for 11 years and New York for 6, plus much of the Pacific Northwest, finding a home for tenures in not only Seattle and Portland, but also my current Canada-adjacent city of Bellingham, WA. It's a beautiful place that lets me take in the amazing green, mountains and waterways that feed the soul and provide a calm to the chaos that life throws in the way. 
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